By partnering with TransUnion, CORE eCommerce can now offer a frictionless checkout solution to maximize consumer sales conversion and revenue assurance.

The Challenge

In today’s cable and broadband internet sales environment, understanding the customer risk is essential for revenue assurance. The challenge? Correctly determining that risk in the right way through a non intrusive process to avoid any loss of sales.

Traditional “hard” credit checks require customers to provide intrusive personal information like their Social Security Number. Many low risk customers are reluctant to have a hit that could impact their credit score.

Our data has shown that requiring a SSN as well as hard credit checks can cost 10-15% of eCommerce sales to be lost during the checkout process.

There is a better way. Atlas Digital has partnered with industry leader TransUnion to provide a frictionless process to accurately assess the risk of an eCommerce customer.

The Solution

This process only requires basic customer account information such as their name, home address, email and phone number. During the checkout process this information is sent to TransUnion. They then return a risk score to the cable or broadband internet service provider without any customer interaction required.

This solution not only helps eliminate risk for the provider, but offers the customer a seamless and non intrusive eCommerce checkout.

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