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ADS Revolutionizes Paid Search

Pay only for leads generated – with no upfront cost.

Paid search is the cornerstone of every successful digital marketing strategy. Unfortunately, the long learning curve can make it an expensive endeavor; optimization takes time and money.

We’ve got the proven formula for search term optimization + consumer intention.

Atlas’ ADS program takes the upfront cost and expensive agency fees out of the equation. There is no cost to enroll and no risk; you only pay for performance.

Traditional advertising and direct sales can make your phone ring. But at what cost? What results can you count on?

Through our experience, national scale, proven search term optimization, and in-depth studies on consumer intention we’re able to deliver leads for as low as $20 per call.

There is no investment or upfront cost. You only pay for results. Nothing to lose, everything to gain.

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Cable Operator Ready eCommerce - CORE

All the benefits without the growing pains

Turn-key ecommerce in less than one month!

Ecommerce is the single best way to drive top-line growth, reduce acquisition costs, and improve customer satisfaction. But it is not easy. Often legacy technology and organizations stand in the way of driving growth through this critical channel. The learning curve is long, steep and expensive.

Our team has solved these problems, delivering top-line growth for some of the biggest operators in the country. It has taken years of testing, development, and optimization. Now, we’re making that proven model available to independent operators.

CORE was designed from the ground up to make state-of-the-art, expertly designed and managed eCommerce service available to operators of all sizes, eliminating the upfront development costs and steep operational learning curves.

  • No Upfront Cost
  • No Technical Integrations
  • Pay only for completed online orders

We are scheduling roll-outs now. Don't wait to take advantage of this revolutionary new service.


digital benchmark

Never Lose Sight of Your Opportunities

Track your key website metrics versus industry peers.

Your website is your most important marketing and sales tool. Nearly 8 of 10 customers will visit your site before deciding to call or order service. Sites that do not attract enough traffic or don’t convert visitors are leaving money on the table.

So how can you know if your site is performing as well as it can be? This is a real problem. And a tremendous opportunity.

Altas’ Digital Benchmark is the solution. Digital Benchmark is a low-cost service that provides regular reports detailing your site’s most important metrics as compared to industry peers.

At a glance you can see where you are over performing and under performing, and quickly recognize the opportunities.

Track and compare critical metrics against industry peers, such as:

  • Site traffic relative to market size
  • Performance of digital acquisition channels, like search and social media
  • Mobile vs desktop traffic
  • Demographic profile of visitors
  • Sales and leads conversion

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