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CORE is incredible on day one, and only gets better.

We know what it takes to grow a business.  You need to know what works and what doesn’t.  You need see where opportunities exist.  You have to be able to turn on a dime.  With CORE you have a digital commerce platform capable of pushing your business forward as far and fast as you want to push it.

Better data. Better decisions.

We don’t just provide data, we provide actionable intelligence.

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“CORE gives us the tools to manage our sales performance in ways that were not possible before, and the Atlas Digital team is there to help us find ways to perform even better.”
– John Meyer, CMO Gateway Fiber
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When we set up CORE, we don’t walk away.

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Our success is your success, so we’re constantly looking for ways to improve your sales performance by enhancing the capabilities of this one-of-a-kind technology

Continuous improvement

CORE is not a technology solution, it’s a way of doing business.


CORE clients see an average of 59% growth in ecomm sales in the first 3 months.