Realize Improved Sales Performance Quickly with Atlas CORE

One of the benefits of utilizing our purpose-built ecommerce solution is we understand the operational complexities of a broadband provider’s back office. Our CORE platform was designed to be deployed in as little as 6-8 weeks.

Clients can begin benefitting from improved digital sales quickly versus working through long and costly development cycles.

We have done work to create a solution that can be up and running in less than two months with a few basic steps:


A professional on a video call with client team
Establish points of contact, review service details and gather information on serviceability, offers and markets.


Three professionals collaborating on a project
Construct offer catalog and buyflow, configure order management tool and build reporting dashboards.

Testing and Launch

A person pushing a blue launch button on a keyboard
Formalize and execute testing plan, identify launch gating issues and perform applicable training.

Ongoing Support

professional working on laptop and desktop
Perform weekly performance reviews, schedule and update product offers and perform any additional enhancements.

Worried about back-office complexities?

Although back-office integration is not required for CORE to drive performance, CORE has the flexibility to integrate with a wide variety of systems: network mapping systems, billing systems, payment gateways and CRM/marketing automation services. We will work with you on any specific requirements needed to meet your objectives.

Frequently Asked Questions

This is not an uncommon issue. CORE is flexible enough to receive serviceability data as a file or can integrate to network mapping or billing systems. Our address-matching logic supports a wide variety of match types, and rules can be established to expose specific offer sets based upon a variety of geographic rules, technology (like fiber, fixed wireless or cable), building matches for MDUs and many other methods.

Yes, CORE is a highly configurable platform that has been deployed across operators with vastly different branding and portfolio of offers. As part of our onboarding process, we will gather your requirements and configure the customer-facing experience to ensure a seamless transition when a customer enters the buyflow from your website.

We do the heavy lifting for you. We will gather requirements from you as part of our onboarding process and perform the configuration development of all elements of the CORE platform on your behalf. The Atlas team performs internal testing and will stand up UAT environments that will always be available to our clients to verify and perform user acceptance. From start to finish, our out-of-the-box implementation takes 6-8 weeks.

CORE can be integrated to a wide variety of systems. We would work with you on the specific requirements, understand the end goal and scope any custom development as part of our onboarding process. Most often, CORE is deployed in a phased manner, with Phase 1 being our out-of-the-box solution supporting nonautomated flows, and then Phase 2 including additional integration supporting automated sales processes.