Next-Generation Digital Commerce for Broadband Operators

More service providers are choosing CORE to drive sales acceleration to better compete for subscribers. With increased pressure to grow sales either as part of network expansion plans or defending existing markets, there is no better time to enable the quickest, most cost-effective way to drive sales success.

Sitting between your website and back office, Atlas CORE is a turnkey digital sales solution with all the capabilities needed to drive digital sales performance.

Infographic showing Atlas CORE process

Accelerate sales with customer-centric sales experiences

The CORE platform is powered by a rules-based CX engine that can quickly adapt to what works best for the customer. Generate sales journeys on demand based upon serviceability rules that can span geography, technology (fiber, fixed wireless, cable), marketing campaign and more.

Drive performance with advanced full-funnel analytics

Utilize data transparency throughout the customer sales flow to enable effective performance management. Buyflow performance, consumer behavior and offer yield are part of the CORE solution with strategic insights from our team of industry experts.

Leverage a nimble, cloud-based ecommerce technology stack

A highly configurable platform, purpose-built for broadband operators, where updates and changes can be made in hours versus weeks. Pairing industry-leading insights with a platform agile enough to quickly take action is paramount for success.

Maximize sales opportunities with automated and nonautomated sales processes

Supporting both automated and nonautomated sales flows preserves the customer experience and unlocks new opportunities for lead capture and sales success.

Extend sales success with omnichannel experiences

CORE extends from the digital sales channel to deliver performance in field sales and retail as well as inbound sales channels. And convert more leads with CORE’s retargeting capabilities so no abandoned cart is left behind.

Frequently Asked Questions

Staffing an experienced team to effectively manage digital commerce will often take years and is expensive. Our team of industry experts manages the CORE platform on behalf of our clients to simplify operations, remove the need for clients to staff a team to manage the technology and deliver immediate sales results.

It is critical to have detailed visibility into every step of the purchasing journey and to have the ability to understand where, when and how to optimize the sales experience. Offers are important, but equally important is understanding customer behavior. CORE empowers operators to identify and operationalize critical performance data quickly with its nimble, cloud-based ecommerce technology stack.

More often than not, these solutions do not perform well. This is because they were not designed with the customer sales experience as the top priority. As a result, the operator experiences difficulties with change management and data transparency, not to mention the solutions are expensive and take many months to build and integrate.

A next-generation digital commerce solution like Atlas CORE takes sales performance to the next level by enabling operators the ability to continually optimize sales experiences, build customer-centric sales journeys, use data transparency throughout the entire sales journey to drive performance management, support automated and nonautomated sales processes to unlock new opportunities for lead capture and sales success and leverage a highly configurable platform where updates can be made in hours versus weeks.