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How it Works

Everything you get with CORE is designed to improve sales.

What was once a tedious task for the shopper to make a purchase is now made painless with CORE.  From optimized eCommerce that makes it simple for a customer to select and purchase what they want, to managing that order for immediate and accurate processing, it’s all included.  Even if a purchase is not complete, CORE automatically nurtures the potential buyer to increase the purchase potential.  And that increases your revenue potential.

Optimized Ecommerce

Maximize conversion. Maximize customer satisfaction.

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Ensure that when customers are shopping, they ultimately end up ordering. CORE validates a shopper’s serviceability, allows them to choose and customize an offer, schedule install, and order. It’s that simple.

Intuitive order management

Make every agent better. Even your best ones.

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All orders are centralized in the simple to use CORE agent tool and ready to be quickly processed for a better customer experience.

Powerful analytics

Make better decisions with better data.

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Data is tracked throughout the customer journey and displayed in curated dashboards.  Key performance metrics, advanced filters, and trending are used to continually improve sales performance.