Vexus Fiber Reinvents Sales with Atlas Digital

When Vast Broadband relaunched NTS under the Vexus Fiber brand, they used the opportunity to align the new brand with how today’s customers want to shop and buy – on-line.

Vast worked with the team at Atlas Digital to optimize the e-commerce sales process.  When they launched the new Vexus website, conversion of web traffic to sales orders was 3X what they were experiencing in legacy markets.
“We knew customers may only give our new brand one look, and today that first look is always on-line. We knew we had to be different and better.  We had to convert more shoppers to buyers – the first time,” said Jim Gleason, President, Vexus and Vast Broadband.

atlas ecommerce screen

Atlas Digital Group Delivers E-commerce with Industry Expertise
The Atlas Digital team is made up of e-commerce experts from the cable industry who have developed and deployed several industry-leading e-commerce solutions.  They are now offering to deploy a turn-key solution for NCTC members who may not have the time or resources to develop a best in class solution on their own. 
“Atlas Digital delivered a proven platform they developed over time.  For us it was turn-key.  From day one, we were leveraging the latest digital technology, sleek and simple user experience, and industry-leading analytics. We needed an experience for the fiber and cable business.  We got it.” said Elaine Partridge, who spearheaded the project for Vexus.
“Our brand tagline is Discover Different, and we had the opportunity to reimagine how customers do business with us now and in the future.  When customers visit our website, they get different and better – and we continue to increase and close more sales.”